ED Recovery Check In #1

It’s march 2nd and i should’ve been discharged from treatment yesterday but my treatment has been extended. On top of that i have to return to daytime treatment since my mom is getting a hysterectomy so she won’t be able to take me to night treatment. Those things are fine in their own but i’m absolutely terrified of having to see another girl in day treatment, let’s call her Wendy.

Wendy is a c*nt.

She seems to have no respect for the people around her and it makes me wanna yell. She disrespects the therapists. She stares at people during mealtimes. She acts like she’s superior because she’s in college. She’s berated me in the past about my refusal to eat meat and honestly i just think she’s heartless. I don’t have much sympathy for her no matter what she’s gone through because nobody has the right to be nasty no matter what’s hurt you. If she says anything snide to me i’m gonna throw my water at her like i’m a real housewife.

Today i’ve been lucky that i’ve had free time to study my japanese so there’s a silver lining.

I also went to aldi and got some soy milk and chickpeas. Those are honestly the base of my diet.

Today my anxiety is a 5/10

my depression is a 3/10

and my ED urges are a 4/10



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