What it’s like to miss your senior year

Hi, i’m Mikah and so far i’ve missed 6 months of my senior year of high school.

I’m in homebound schooling as i receive treatment for an eating disorder. I’m extremely worried about returning to school because i’m afraid people won’t believe anything was wrong with me. I’m afraid the school will absence fail me despite the fact that on paper i’ve been hospitalized. I’m sad that i haven’t gotten to support my friends as they’ve all made great strides in their lives. I’m disappointed that there won’t be any photos of me in the yearbook. Above all my biggest fear is that i won’t be remembered by anyone except as the girl who would disappear for months at a time.

It pisses me off that as everyone i know has these life changing experiences, my life is being changed by cognitive behavioral therapy.

But whatever at least i don’t have to wake up at 6 am.

Even though i wake up at 4 am on my own volition but that’s another story.


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