ED recovery check in #2

Today i had my first day in daytime intensive outpatient treatment. Today was far better than expected.

Wendy seems to have improved in her temperament since the last time i saw her. She was a lot less rude and didn’t seem to have quite as much disdain for everyone around her.

There’s a girl who recently joined daytime treatment and she’s wonderful.

I wish that during daytime IOP i got to do additional group therapy alongside the unified treatment model like we did in night IOP.

The meal we ate for lunch today was awful. It was from zoe’s kitchen and honestly i’m not here for the “let’s dump herbs and sun dried tomato on this” flavor profile.

I kinda want to restrict dinner but i know it’s best for me to not so right now i’m planning on eating a safe meal. I may try to eat 1 thing that’s not super easy at dinner but don’t count on it.

My depression is a 2/10

my anxiety is a 5/10

and my ed urges are a 6/10


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