an introduction



I’m mikah and i’m in charge of this blog. I thought i should introduce myself seeing as i’ve been getting a good number of views- not a ton of views but some- on my past posts. So here is a bulleted list of facts about me that you may want to know.

  • i’m 17 year’s old
  • i’m a leo if astrology’s your thing
  • i have 6 pets
  • i live in the u.s
  • i’m in treatment for an eating disorder at the renfrew center
  • i speak english and spanish fluently, korean and russian at an advanced/intermediate level, mandarin and japanese at a beginner/intermediate level, and swahili at a super beginner level
  • i hope to be a singer in the future
  • i love attention
  • my favorite color is yellow
  • my biggest fear is dinosaurs
  • my rabbit marshmallow is blind in one eye
  • i have a single mother
  • i collect winnie the pooh memorabilia
  • most of my clothing is from thrift stores
  • i use an iphone solely because i think that they’re prettier than androids
  • i’m being homeschooled right now as i finish ed treatment
  • i got a 35 out of 36 on the ACT
  • i’m not excited to go to college
  • my favorite clothing item is my scrunchy socks
  • i want a casio selfie camera really bad
  • i wish i had enough money to have a big collection of clothes
  • i eat plant based when i’m not forced to consume dairy at my treatment center (i wish they’d just buy some god forsaken soy milk and let me live my vegan dreams)
  • i’m bitter about having to consume dairy
  • i’m happy that i don’t have to eat meat
  • that reminded me to tell you that i’m a lifelong vegetarian
  • my favorite tv show is the golden girls
  • my favorite movie is little shop of horrors
  • i have 3b hair
  • my favorite hair product is kinky curly knot today
  • i apply lotion at least twice per day
  • i exfoliate my body using an italy towel
  • bts are my inspirations
  • i don’t know what else to talk about

so yeah that’s me in a very shallow nutshell

and here’s me (edited in meitu)

and here’s my dog peanut (also edited in meitu)


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