trying on my old clothes on my recovery body

is the title of this post easy to understand?

it doesn’t quite have a ring to it.

Today i’ve decided that i’m going to try on some clothes that i haven’t worn in a while to see how they feel now that i’m in a better place with my body.

black lives matter shirt: This shirt feels really big now. It’s interesting that it feels big because i’m a bit larger now than i was the last time i wore it. When i wore this shirt in the past i always felt disappointed that it wasn’t oversized it the way i wanted it to be but now it feels just oversized.

white romper: This still gives me a camel toe. other than that it’s fine.

pink crushed velvet wide leg pants: These fit very odd. The waist is quite tight while the hips and legs are perfect. I don’t know how i feel about this.

colorblock windbreaker: This fits amazing. It’s got just the right amount of looseness while also cinching well where there’s elastic.

brown corduroy pants: These are still weirdly big yet feel tight. There’s a lot of folds on the legs. I may donate these in the future.

I’ll probably do this again so i can get through my closet but honestly 5 items was overwhelming.


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