incorporating a bullet journal into my ed recovery

my bullet journal has a few bites taken out of it.

thanks marshmallow

in my bullet journal, a few tracking systems have really aided in my consistency with a few of the things expected of me in treatment.

habit tracker

my habit tracker is set up as a grid with each row representing a task and each column representing a day. on my tracker i include “eat 3 meals” and “attempt self care” to incentivize completing those tasks (since the tracker is so much cuter if you fill in all the boxes).

water and sleep trackers

in each weekly layout i include a water and sleep tracker so that on my assessments at renfrew i can be sure that i’ve gotten adequate sleep/water.

mood tracker

i have another grid setup in which i chronicle my overall mood for a day. this helps me so that if i forget to fill out my EDA (ed depression and anxiety chart) i can have a general guess of how the past day(s) have been.


having a diary space in my bullet journal helps me to have topics to journal about on my arc forms for renfrew.


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