is my eating disorder a different person?

if you’re really interested in eating disorders for whatever reason you may have, you’ve likely heard of life without ed. essentially the author describes her eating disorder experience through the lens of an abusive relationship with “ed”. i’ve been thinking about this book for that past 2 days or so.

i don’t know how i feel about the concept of this book.

i can see how it would be a good way of expressing your eating disorder to another person who’s inexperienced, however i don’t think the book is really meant for those dealing with an eating disorder.

i like to believe that my eating disorder is an extension of myself but a part of myself that expresses herself poorly and just needs coping mechanisms that are actually healthy.

but maybe it could be beneficial for my treatment to see my ed as a separate person from myself, so as an experiment i’m going to refer to it separately from myself for the rest of this week.

& since i’m going to name my eating disorder i’ll name it capitalism because of course i will.

here’s a picture of me for the road


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