questioning my blackness

am i black enough?

thats been a question ive had for my whole life. i identtify as multiracial when given the option but when, for example, i have to check boxes on standardized tests like the ACT (which i got a 35 on),i have always chosen black.


am i wrong for that?


i’ve learned that to some, i am.

i’ve discovered a youtube channel called chrissie and her comments have made me question my whole life.

i’m not totally sure if i agree with her opinions on whether i fit blood quantum but i will admit that i agree with the majority of her statements. dark skinned black women do in fact deserve positive representation where they aren’t masculinized, interracial relationships need to be looked at through a nuanced lens, many lighter skinned people do have subconscious feelings of superiority over their darker skinned counterparts. the only thing shes said that i have any dissent toward are her statements that multiracial people are allies to black issues rather than bonafide black people. and i’m not totally sure if that’s even what she means.


i don’t know…

what’s your opinion?


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