the life without ed experiment: results


for the past few days ive referred to my eating disorder as a separate person.


it was uneventful.

iev realized that i dont really refer to my eating disorder often. i also have learned that it doesnt change how i feel about my ed– i still hate it.


i have realized after thinking about what it would be like if an ed was a person taunting me that i should be a bit more self compassionate. i don’t have a tendency to be nice to myself (surprise), but i do think that ive improved in self compassion through ed treatment. this experiment has served as a good form of exposure therapy where ive developed more comfort rather than habit with self compassion. you know what i mean? like ive had a habit of self compassion but it hasnt been super genuine until this experiment.

maybe referring to your ed as a person is a good idea as exposure therapy because i really believe that i benefited from this.


heres a picture of me petting a donkeyIMG_2214.jpg


One thought on “the life without ed experiment: results

  1. i have referred to my disorder as Ana since i was about 13… i find it really helps. sometimes it really does seem like it’s a totally seperate person encouraging, berating, justifying… giving it / her / him a name can be really powerful

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