im graduating from treatment tomorrow

i dont know how i feel.

i think ill continue to eat in a healthy way but ill always have an eating disorder and thats what saddens me.

tomorrows post will be even more in depth about how treatment was since ill probably be feeling nostalgic about the three and a half months i spent there. but today ill just talk about the results ive gotten from treatment… in list form!

  • i only body check 3-4 times a day rather than roughly every 30 minutes like i did at the beginning of treatment
  • i have more fun doing less
  • im less nervous when im alone
  • ive come to terms with the fact that im a bit of an attention seeker
  • my language skills have improved since ive had more study time
  • i eat now
  • i dont gorge myself on water before each meal
  • i am less afraid of scales
  • my self care routine is better
  • i wake up less at night and dont have as many nightmares
  • i maintain a weight rather than suddenly losing 7 pounds in a few days then gaining it back in the same amount of time
  • i have body parts that i like now (my eyes, my legs, my hair, my hands)
  • just to reiterate: i eat consistently now

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