i’m done!

i’m done with treatment!!

today at my graduation, i cried and basically got complimented by everyone so that was great. today felt like a normal day of treatment until the end when i had my graduation ceremony.

now that treatment is over i:

  • want to eat a vegan diet for the rest of my life
  • will write diary entries everyday
  • need support from my friends, family, and audience (you) to prevent me from relapsing
  • want to spend even more time on self care
  • have to return to school
  • need to get fully caught up with life and stuff
  • want to meet my dad’s side of my family
  • will get a job
  • will blog about other stuff more often
  • want to travel

some day i’ll be making a guide to treatment and a treatment crash course but that day is not today because i’ve got a blistering headache.


in the midst of my headache i forgot to tell you about the beautiful necklace my mom got me!


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