my skincare routine

  1. makeup removal

i remove my makeup using a micellar water. the one i’m currently using is the perfectly posh bare it all micellar water.

2. cleansing

i use two different products on alternating days to clean my skin. some days i use raw african black soap whereas other days i use dr. bronners tea tree castile soap. to create a lather i use a konjac sponge. i use these same cleansers on my back for my bacne problem.

3. astringent

i often use the thayers lemon astringent to make my skin feel more stripped after cleansing.

4. toner

i use the thayers lavender witch hazel toner as my final cleansing step.

5. moisturizer

i moisturize using the perfectly posh night and day moisturizer a lot of the time but i am also trying to get rid of s tub of ponds crema s that i do not recommend because ponds tests on animals.


i sometimes use tony moly sheet masks, perfectly posh masks, or the perfectly posh bff face exfoliant.


note: this is one of my first posts that isnt ed related so i thought i should reference that by saying please dont leave im still cool i just have other aspects of myself than having an eating disorder! <3<3<3


edit: you can buy perfectly posh stuff from my mom! ❤ its cruelty free


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