what defines an existential crisis?


i think i’m having one.

i’m thinking a lot about what happens after death so i’m going to tell you my fears surrounding various possible forms of afterlife.


the most and least terrifying possibility

i like the concept that everything stops but i don’t like the idea of there being just blackness. its nice to imagine just not being conscious. absolutely nothing seems nice but what if its blackness. blackness isn’t nothingness, i don’t even know what nothingness is.



scared of both

hell is torture but in heaven what if the people up there were watching you and know your secrets.



i might like to be reincarnated as long as its continual reincarnation and my consciousness never stops existing because then i’m just left with another end of consciousness dilemma.


truman show scenario

oh my god

that would be kinda cool


i was in the matrix

also cool but then what do i do now knowing that information?


i cant think of anymore now so bye i guess

here’s a picture of me and peanut



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