robot romance

why is every romance about a human falling in love with a robot amazing? there’s Her, Chobits, about five million livejournal original stories, and like a ton more robot romance content.

you know what those all have in common?


theyre absolutely delightful.

(as a side note you should all watch chobits, its a great anime)


i think i’ve discovered why i love robot romance so much and its because the couple don’t relate to each other much and you know what? i don’t relate to most people.

not to say i’m some uber special person but i do have many unique interests and i don’t meet a ton of people who are similar to me in more than maybe 2 ways.

perhaps i have such a hard time relating to others due to my emotional avoidance tactics that i developed during the height of my eating disorder, a very notable one being social isolation.

most of the time for me my audience surrogate isn’t the human but rather the robot.

whoa what if i’m a robot?


another way i find to relate to the robot is that while artificial intelligence is made to be perfect, i constantly strive to be perfect. the robots in robot romance always seem like something to strive toward, chii from chobits being a great example of this since i am obsessed with her character design and would die to look like her despite the fact that i know shes really pretty amorphous.


maybe i want to be a robot.


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