no, for the last time i don’t want to do yoga

happy one month anniversary to my blog!

for my monthaversary i thought i should talk about something very notable in my life that also happens to be plagueing the ed recovery community.




i don’t want to do fucking yoga.


i understand the appeal especially if you have an affinity for flip flops and fermented beverages but for the love of god can people stop recommending that i try yoga during my recovery?

ill give you a solid list of reasons i dont want to do yoga so that whenever yoga is proposed to me again i can link to this post.

  • i don’t like being told what to do
  • i’m very flexible so any yoga i’ve tried in the past has been extremely unchallenging
  • i don’t want to  be surrounded by people who likely drink kombucha
  • i’m still pretty wary of exercise so putting me in a situation where i could easily become obsessed is probably a bad idea
  • i smell funny when i sweat no matter how strong my deodorant is and id rather not be the smelliest one in a yoga class
  • there is from what i’ve seen very little progression in yoga and id rather not stagnate
  • i don’t wanna spend money on exercise when i can easily do squats in my living room
  • not to be vain but i have always exercised for aesthetic purposes only and a “yoga body” isn’t my goal
  • hot yoga = ew
  • i don’t wanna fuck up my feet (also a reason i don’t do barre)
  • i have a fear of authority
  • i’m not a spiritual person in any sense so i don’t wanna partake in that aspect of yoga either
  • i feel it would be a disservice for me, a very unspiritual person, to take part in something so spiritual
  • most “yogis” are way too crunchy and don’t pay much respect to the cultural roots of yoga
  • the whole energy stuff screams pseudoscience to me
  • being surrounded by upper-middle class women aged 24-35 doused in lululemon is my personal hell

thanks for reading my list of complaints

please attack me yogis


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