lifestyle design

i wanna talk about a tactic that’s really changed the way i do things and it’s called lifestyle design.


lifestyle design is not a thing i invented but i do think that i revolutionized the way that i organize it. as you may know if you read my journals post, i have a lifestyle design notebook.

in this notebook i have 3 types of pages

  1.  a list of goals- i have more major goals that can be further distilled on this page such as “get an apartment” and “do a handstand with no wall”IMG_6478.jpg
  2. smaller goals to reach the listed goals- on these pages i take major goals and list off smaller goals to help me reach the major goal such as for the major goal “regain middle splits” the goal “add stretching to habit tracker” is listed under.
  3. routines that will help me reach goals that need daily work- on these pages i make routines like stretching routines, workouts, and study planners.


with this technique, i have been able to reach harder goals like “fluency in spanish” and “develop oversplits” in less time than expected.

thought you just may want to know about this technique because its really been revolutionary for me.


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