ED Recovery Update #3

today my appetite was really stunted, so far i’ve had 2 meals though so i can expect to eat dinner. i worked out for 15 minutes and i’m still sweating so i don’t know how i feel about that.


for the past few weeks post graduation ive had weight on the mind a little more than i did in treatment, though thats probably to be expected when i dont go through hours of therapy each week. i havent been eating exactly to the meal plan but that’s probably a good thing since it shows im not being obsessive. i have to time meals when i take adderall since it really ruins my appetite.


i’ve been coping with londons death a little better for the past two days because i know that as a very emotionally responsive creature she’d want me happy. i think about her a lot when i exercise which is odd but thats probably an ed thing.


i get really winded nowadays since i went for such a long time without working out…



i don’t know i don’t have a ton to say though a lot has happened.

here’s a picture of marshmallow in a stroller




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