teen angst

the idea of teen angst is a little aggravating to me.

i think this concept that teenagers have angsty feelings because they’re teenagers is a little patronizing. i feel like my angst is pretty justified and so is the angst of other teenagers. it’s important to note when discussing teens that in your youth the defining characteristic of the time period is that you are experiencing firsts so while, yes, crying for days after a breakup is a lot, it is likely the first time that the teen has dealt with that issue.


that being said here’s some angst for you.


i feel very unattractive.

please don’t take this as an opportunity to compliment me because that isn’t what this post is for.

as a person who compares themselves to everyone they meet it’s hard to imagine that anyone would find me attractive, beautiful, cute, or any semblance of good looking when people like beyonce and seulgi from red velvet exist. i know that love isn’t limited but it feels like it is honestly and i wish i didn’t compare myself to everyone but i do.


it’s important to note, however, that i don’t compare every aspect of myself to others. i only compare looks. that makes me feel like i’m a super vain person and like i’m mean to others but honestly i’ve never met a person who i think is physically less attractive than me and that’s an awful feeling when life is like a competition and you’re losing. personality wise i think i’m A1 but looks wise i think i fall far below average and i know i shouldn’t compare myself to others but i do and i’ve tried to stop for years and i can’t find a way to.

yes, there’s more to life than looks but it feels like that’s my biggest inadequacy so of course i’ll obsess over looks.

the one thing i wish i got out of ed treatment is a way to stop this.


if you’ve had this issue please help me because i don’t know how to feel better.

here’s a picture of a lizard i saw the other day



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