the wrong side of history

yesterday i watched a video by unnatural vegan and it made me think about who i think will be on the wrong side of history.

so here’s a list:

  • transphobes
  • aggressive anti-vegans
  • extreme capitalists
  • people with outdoor cats
  • trophy hunters
  • the people who are trying to privatize clean water
  • people who think police brutality is a nonissue
  • reddit white supremacists
  • white supremacists in general
  • people who hold unnecessary disdain for children (and that’s coming from me: a person who doesn’t particularly like being around kids 24/7)
  • school administrators who don’t make effort to provide adequate free lunches to less fortunate children
  • anyone who calls overweight people lazy just because they’re overweight
  • people who still wear fur
  • those who want mined jewels instead of lab created
  • whoever decided that seaweed snacks should be in giant bulky plastic trays
  • people who are against all plastic surgery
  • people who refuse to ever give money to the homeless
  • people who buy wild caught exotic animals
  • anyone that makes eating disorder jokes (that aren’t self depricating)
  • dudes that shoot squirrels with BB guns
  • people who keep burmese pythons in 100 gallon fish tanks
  • people who blindly hate rodents (they’re a backbone of the ecosystem!)
  • people who use sticky traps to catch lizards and mice
  • wasps (the bugs not white anglo saxon protestants)
  • those who are against public breastfeeding
  • people who equate pale with pure


heres a few beliefs i have that i think could be on the wrong side of history

  • allergy discrimination is a thing but its not that big of a deal when someone makes fun of allegies
  • i like to pet/feed wild animals like squirrels
  • music needs to all become digital because records and cds produce a ton of waste
  • its ok to buy secondhand leather goods even if you’re vegan
  • its ok to say you hate things
  • its fun to shop at certain stores even though the stuff was probably made in sweatshops
  • i get jealous of other people and even though it makes me feel bad i don’t think jealousy is wrong
  • secular gospel needs to be a thing
  • enriched cereal > “natural, organic” cereal
  • aldi has wonderful guacamole

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