returning to school part 3

so after a week back in school i don’t have a ton to say. i’ll give you a list of feelings i had and things that happened:

  • a stranger asked me to prom (i said no)
  • my choir went to uil and i had to miss it and that made me really sad because uil has always been my favorite part of choir
  • i tried qdoba for the first time, it was good
  • i found out i’m ahead of the class in ap biology so that made me super happy
  • i visited my ap english 3 treacher for the first time since i’ve been gone (btw i got a 5 on that ap test)
  • i took a bunch of notes on my ap macroeconomics 5 steps to a 5 book
  • i figured out that my backpack is a bit too small for a lunch to fit in it (i never used to eat a real lunch so i didn’t have experience stuffing tupperware in a backpack)
  • i got a lot of compliments on my hair since my hair finally grows



One thought on “returning to school part 3

  1. I’m so proud of you y Micah. Your mom tells me you’re being a great help to her while navigating the pitfalls of school. It’s wonderful to hear from your own pen that you were using your tools. Count it down 5 more weeks to go.

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