my worst habit

i have a very maladaptive, impractical, time consuming, money grubbing, gross, stupid, inexplicable habit.


i collect everything that i like.


as of right now i collect:

  • stuffed animals
  • body spray
  • eyeshadow
  • disney tsum tsums
  • jelly shoes
  • disney ufufys
  • stationary
  • grippy socks
  • vintage panties
  • lotion
  • leggings
  • floral arrangements
  • paper copies of epic poems
  • pens
  • wide legged pants
  • turtlenecks
  • and to an extent pets

i’m sure that that’s not even the whole list.

this is an awful habit that i realized i had as i left the disney store with a bag of disney ufufys and decided that that would be my newest obsession. this habit is especially insidious as i don’t even realize that i collect these things until i have an impractical amount of the items i so dearly love. and once i love them  can’t get rid of them.


am i a hoarder?



i just like so many things and can’t resist things i like so much.

one thing i’d like to comment on is how saying you collect something is looked upon so much more positively than admitting you have a hoarding problem. what’s up with that? the only difference i see between those at home museums and the houses on hoarders is that the people on hoarders don’t put up as many shelves.

i’m just gonna call myself a maximalist and live in peace with my mountains of stuff.


One thought on “my worst habit

  1. Is collecting so many things going to fill a whole in your heart? Things rarely do fill anything up but valuable space. You watch tas he collection continues to grow well past the space you have to display and enjoy it. Now you become anxious about this pile of stuff that is not allowing you to think clearly. Before you know it you are walking through a path created by pushing STUFF out of the way. (Now you are a hoarder)

    2 times a year I look at my collections and decide what has investment value. What can I sell to make space for more stuff. Hopefully that clears about 1/3. I photograph it and put it up on Let it go. Then I gift to people I know will love it. I like thinking of the person opening my special gift and the joy they might experience. Then I look at what might be enjoyed by someone who couldn’t afford it and I give 1/3 to Salvation Army or Good Will. This leaves me with my most special treasures to enjoy myself and add a few things if I want to. I am in control. Not the STUFF. I always feel better after a clean out.

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