prom themed anxiety

so prom is tomorrow and i’m nervous.

i don’t really know my plans for the day and i’m scared that with my sinus infection i’ll be exhausted and hacking up a lung for the whole night. i’m gonna hopefully have a nice night but there’s no way to get rid of my anxiety right now that taking a xanax and a nap.

my dress is beautiful and i’ll be sure to plaster my prom photos all over social media tomorrow.

heres a few photos from the past weekish

me doing that open mouth thing models do in selfies
me pretending i’m cute
whoa look what blinds do (unedited)
smiling but also in pain
peanut sitting on my boob

oh! you know what i wanted to tell you about?


i got a new piercing!

brightened so you can see how cute my star earring is

look at it!


i have another thing to tell you about!

i got a birth control implant. i got nexplanon and i love touching where the rod went in my arm. check out my cool bruise.



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