last prom post i promise

i did the whole prom thing last night.

me and my friends had a good time but i was disappointed that they didn’t play any music one can vogue to so i didn’t dance a ton since it was all either good twerking music (i can’t twerk), edm esque remixes (yikes), or country music.

one bit of drama is that a girl and her date who sat at the table with my friends were shady and standoffish and i was not ok with it. it kinda put a damper on my night. they insisted on saving 2 seats for their friends (i hate when people save seats) and then left after 20 minutes when they realized their friends got another table so… that’s a positive.

other than that i had a small plate of pasta primavera and drank a ton of the lemonade they offered at the drinks table.

i left early and when i got home i did my skincare routine and ate some french fries because i didn’t eat much before or during prom.

heres photos (not including group photos since i don’t wanna violate my friends privacy)

testing my portable ring light on peanut


white toes are a lifestyle
my prom date and i


camwhoring before i leave
the cute flowers in the courtyard of the venue
my clutch on the table
the rim of my glass i guess
the courtyard was great for camwhoring


the effects of the various colored mood lighting


my face dealing with shady folks
me looking cute and maddie looking sad

um… so i dont know how to finish this post so i’m going to just leave



One thought on “last prom post i promise

  1. You looked lovely. The dress was to die for and your hair and make-up were spot on. I know you and your Mom had fun getting you all ready to go. You are so lucky to have each other.

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