an act of self care

if you go to my school and you reading this you may have your final conversation with me this week. don’t worry, i’m not gonna do anything bad but if i find you to be an asshole, bigoted, or just unpleasant to be around you’ll be receiving a unique response if you try to speak to me.

if you approach me and you’re unpleasant i will be responding “in an act of self care i’ve decided to not interact with you”

i believe that (a)this is a very kind way to get people to not interact with me anymore and (b) i am not required to converse with anyone i don’t want to deal with, so if you have an issue with me saying this to you don’t worry you can take your complaints to twitter where i probably already have you blocked and (c) it’s better to tell people you won’t interact with them is better than giving them the silent treatment.

i know that this blog post is quite a bit more negative in tone than normal but honestly every day at my school i deal with some bottom of the barrel humans and i’m not going to put up with it anymore.

now while we’re here talking self care i want to tell you about the new habits i’ve added to my habit tracker.

new habits include:

  • took probiotics
  • posted on social media
  • organized
  • tracked meals
  • took photos
  • did schoolwork
  • detangled hair
  • journaled

some old habits that are returning are

  • ate 3 meals
  • attempted self care
  • stretched
  • studied korean
  • lifestyle designed
  • and many more

i’m working on upping my activity level, working on my online presence, and getting more used to stress this upcoming month even though it’s my last month of high school because i really wanna start getting prepped for college early.

i’m really craving sourdough right now. hopefully i’ll buy some the next time i go shopping.

i don’t know why i told you that this is kind of a stream of consciousness right now.

heres a picture of poptart



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