the end of the week of vapidity

so i hope everyone enjoyed this past week of nothing blog posts.

i’m going to get back to making posts where i actually discuss my emotions and opinions so i hope during this week my audience has developed a way to cope with the fact that i won’t always be posting positive, happy, uncontroversial posts.

since these future posts won’t be as simple as this past week maybe i should give guidelines on how to interact with my posts.

  • don’t tell me i’m worthless in my comments
  • maybe just don’t comment in general because it seems like people are commenting things they could easily text or email me
  • read my posts, maybe? i don’t know but i think actually reading what i write would be helpful in forming opinions about it
  • look at my blog because there’s a really cool tab accessible at the top of my front page entitled “contact” where you can email me if you wanna tell me how you really feel
  • recommend my blog to others because i love new readers
  • take heed of the fact that i have a lot of other social medias in the sidebar of my blog that you can very easily follow me on


i’m still very weary of posting my actual thoughts on here because some of you really got to me with your rude comments, but i’ll be posting what i think anyway because my psychiatrist told me to.

if you haven’t caught on at this point, this blog is supposed to be an outlet for me so when i’m discouraged from expressing myself on here that’s really aggravating.

so whatever, posts from here on out will be my thoughts so if you really have such disdain for my thoughts please don’t read my blog.

here’s a picture of peanut’s fat tummy to make this post less vitriolic:



marshmallows trip to the vet

mel had a terrible day today 😦

upon first seeing me he was bemused to find that i was trimming his nails (because i don’t want the vet to think i’m negligent).

i let him out of his hutch so he could have a decent time before being thrust into the awfulness for him that is the vet.

marshmallows hutch

he hung out in the kitchen until it was time for me to stuff him in his travel crate.

once inside i quickly put him in the back of the car. and we started a 15 minute drive to the vet that probably felt like 15 hours for mel.

mel on the way

when we arrived to the vet, mel made a new nemesis in the form of the resident vet cat (why does every veterinarian’s office have a loose cat?) who seemed to receive a lot of joy from laying on top of marshmallows carrier.

vet cat

we were taken to the exam room and marshmallow seemed to begin to grasp the weight of the situation. he thrashed like crazy when the vet tech took him from his carrier and weighed him (it turns out he’s only 12 pounds). when she returned from weighing him she was absolutely covered in his fur. marshmallow gave sitting on the exam table a hard pass so he was allowed to walk around on the floor of the exam room.\

mel on the floor
cleaning his face

when the vet came in and began his exam there was quite a bit of kicking thrashing and shaking. marshmallow had:

  • wax removed from his ears
  • his nails trimmed again
  • some more shed hair removed
  • a tooth exam
  • an eye exam

the vet thinks that mel might actually not be blind in his right eye and he’s just got inflammation. he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and was given an ointment for his eyes.

just to brag i wanna tell you that the vet told me that marshmallow has beautiful teeth and i’m doing a great job taking care of him.

mel seemed almost enthused to get in the carrier because i think he was sick of getting touched.

mel on the way home

now we’re at home and mel seems to be fine.

**photos edited in camera360

post 5 (week of vapidity)

i don’t really know what to post but i feel an obligation to.

so… today i woke up late and it made me feel really weird. i’m generally an early riser, so waking up late makes me feel like i’m failing. it feels like i’ve given up and i’m just letting myself die or something but in reality i woke up at 9:30 which is normal for a lot of people.

i was a little productive today to make up for waking up late (i washed dishes, refilled my oat canister, cleaned my toilet, lifestyle designed, etc).

theres not much happening for me right now so this post is gonna end here.

post 4 (week of vapidity)

good news for me: butter flavored crisco is vegan.

i don’t really know where this post is going but i’m going to write for a while, ok?

ooh you know what i’ll write about? my favorite podcasts!

i’ve been listening to more podcasts because i feel like i’ve seen everything and i’m not motivated to invest myself in storylines or peoples lives. is that a bad thing to say? it’s not that i don’t care about people but i don’t want to invest in anyones life, you know?

so my favorite podcasts recently have been:

  • the jenna and julien podcast
  • judge john hodgeman (no longer produced but i still like listening)
  • don’t mess with christine sydelko
  • the thick
  • ear biscuits
  • learn chinese
  • duolingo spanish podcast

yeah, that’s my list

so recently i was alarmed to find out that the “welcome to night vale” podcast is still being made. no ill will to welcome to nightvale but…. i thought we left that in 2013. it’s still really popular, number 130 on the itunes most popular podcast list. i wonder who’s still listening to it because i haven’t heard anyone talk about it since literally 2013.

do you remember when people would cosplay nightvale characters? that was a weird phase. there was a lot of intersect between nightvale and homestuck so i had to interact with a lot of nightvale fans because they were also interested in a thing i liked and they were (again not trying to be mean) mildly insufferable. but to be honest homestuck fans are also pretty insufferable… and i’m a homestuck fan.

now, i have a complaint.

whenever i spell the word i’ve as “i’ve” on wordpress there is a red squiggle of incorrectness under the word but when i spell it as “iv’e” there is no correction.

so of course i thought maybe i’ve been spelling i’ve wrong for my whole life so i googled it and all of the results say it’s spelled as I’VE.

so like…………. is there a glitch in the matrix or something because i don’t know what’s going on.

i also feel a need to discuss another thing i’mm confused by and that is water intoxication.

there isn’t much concrete information on the amount of water required to drink in a specific period of time that would cause water intoxication. this is concerning because i’m the time of person tat when i am presented with water i drink it very quickly and i’m terrified of being offered 2 liters of water and accidentally chugging it because i have no self control when it comes to liquid and subsequently getting water intoxication!

that seems like the type of thing that would happen to me. really unfortunate.

this post is a mess i’m sorry you read it


here’s a picture of peanut to make up for itimg_7505

my mom got me balloons

i forgot to say in my graduation post that when i got home form graduation, my mom surprised me with a balloon bouquet.

a very low quality picture of me with the balloons
the only balloon that wasn’t tangled
just to remind you that i graduated
my favorite balloon
a picture of just me because i’m self centered

post 3 (week of vapidity)

marshmallow just abandoned me but i took some cute pictures of him while we were snuggling and somebody needs to see them.

mel taking a nap next to me
us looking at the camera
mel on the arm of the couch with messy hair
mel’s good eye

i’m worried about marshmallow because his right eye is swollen. we’re gonna take him to the vet soon though.

p.s i edited these photos on camera360, my newest editing app obsession

guess i gotta talk about graduation

i graduated yesterday.

i’ll just give a recap of yesterday so we can get to the pictures faster.

i woke up at about 8 AM and started getting ready for the ceremony at around 9 AM. i arrived at the school at 11 AM and we kind of just sat there until 12 when they bussed us to the venue. we ran the ceremony for some select students and then waited for a while longer.

the ceremony started at 2:30 PM and it was a graduation… not particularly interesting.

i was released at like 4:15 PM

now here’s a few carefully curated pictures (group photos and unedited photos omitted)

me in the ceremonial blue sack
my outfit that was obscured by the aforementioned blue sack
my makeup

since i have a captive audience i wanna make observations so here’s a bulleted list of what i noticed and my opinions

  • they should really reconsider the cobalt blue polyester sack look at my school. i recommend they: make the gown black, shorten the gown, make the gown white, let us belt it, invest in a more breatheable fabric, and/or allow gown modifications (i.e enamel pins, tailoring, patches, tiedye, whatever)
  • the valedictorian mispronounced the word “compilation” during her speech and i lost a bit (a lot) of hope
  • one of the kids i sat near smelled like weed again
  • i will never understand why the ceremony has a very patriotic overtone
  • a lot of people graduated in jeans, that’s a power move
  • there should be alternative cap styles for people with natural hair so that they don’t have to ruin their hair just to stick a cardboard square on their head
  • somebody needs to make a diagram of how the cap should be worn because some people had the point in between their eyebrows and others had it sitting on their crown and nobody knew what was right
  • kids shouldn’t get punished for dancing on stage when they get their diploma. they’re just happy and/or this may be the only way for them to get attention and as an attention whore i support anyone getting attention in non-harmful ways
  • there was only 1 photo taken per person by the professional photographers and i think that’s a disaster waiting to happen
  • we should be allowed to get cords and stoles even if we aren’t NHS members because some of us (me) were qualified to receive cords but can’t wear or accept them since we decided to not buy into national honors society