ED recovery update #6

my eating schedule has evened out since returning to school. at first i would have a very long period between when i ate lunch at school and when i ate dinner but i’ve started eating dinner earlier so i don’t go too long without eating.

i ate a small meal at prom which was a good idea and i didn’t feel weird for eating in public which is pretty rare for me.

on monday i went back for seconds when eating dinner for the first time since i was like 9. it was nice.

i still get winded really easily which i annoying especially since we’ve been dancing in my choir for our spring show and i’m the reddest, sweatiest person in a room of 60-something people. it really embarrasses me nut i’ve always been a sweaty betty so its not a super new feeling for me but it is amplified now.

i really want a fitbit and i don’t know if that’s my ED brain or if it’s my analytical brain just wanting to know everything. it’s probably a mixture of both so i don’t know what to do about that. i’ll hold off on the fitbit for a while until i’m further into recovery i guess. that’s probably for the best.

have some pictures for the road


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