am i introverted?

i retook the myers-briggs test.

i got the same score i did the last time i took it.


now, i don’t know a ton about personality typing but i question my introversion. people often say that introverts like to be alone to “recharge” (there’s even tumblr art about recharging) but i don’t generally need that. i know the myers-briggs test isn’t gospel so i’m not super dedicated to this so this post will be a bit of a stream of consciousness. 

i think i may be a shy extrovert because i have a very hard time approaching people and interacting with my friends, but i feel “recharged” after i interact positively with others. but who cares what i think. ( i just discovered how to strike through) 

today my friends seemed to be having a good time but i was so worried about them not liking any input i could give that i didn’t talk to them. it kind of upsets me that i feel so insecure that it affects my relationships with others. but a dude i can’t stand was with my friends so i’m not super regretful of not talking because i don’t wanna deal with him.

i remember when i was a kid i’d never talk to new people so i was always alone or with 1 friend until like 5th grade. it sucked a lot but i think it was good for me because i now know how to entertain myself. 

today i realised just how much people in my demographic use snapchat and other communication tools. i’ve never been one to enjoy texting of snapchatting people so i make an active effort to not communicate with others sometimes which i know is a terrible habit. i just can’t handle the tenacity that people talk to me with.

i don’t know how to end this post so heres the obligatory photo


it’s of poptart yawning


i figured out how to change the text color so get ready for some supesassposts


One thought on “am i introverted?

  1. By being an introvert doesn’t mean there’s nothing of an extrovert present. It’s a scale too, from the middle, leaning to being an extrovert to totally introvert in which people do want to be alone and recharge. So, yes, I think you do can be an introvert without all the typical characteristics to it 🙂

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