May 3rd, 2018

note:  i thought it would be cool to try one of these day in the life style posts so bear with me

today i woke up at about 4;45 am. i stretched and ate breakfast (sourdough toast, cranberry juice, and soymilk). my morning was ruined when as i did my hair i saw this fucker:


on my chest. i screeched and was then terrified of going in my bathroom so i didn’t wear makeup today.

then i went to school.

at school i got a test back in my 1st class (i got a 95) and drank about 1 liter of water by 9am. this post is mainly to complain about my second class: choir. i generally like choir but recently it’s been just about awful. we’re partner dancing and my partner is sending me to the end of my rope. he’s one of those teenage boys that think that everyone should bend to his every whim. as of today he has: yelled at me for messing up once, complained to my face about how he wishes he had a different partner totally didn’t make me insecure, and openly made fun of one of my friends right next to me getting mad at me when i told him to stop. today i was at the end of my rope when he completely ignored me and went to the other side of the room to fuck around with his friend so of course i did what i had to do. i asked my teacher (who is always forced to be on his case) to get onto him for his fuckery. i don’t know what she did about it but i saw that she called him into her office so i feel accomplished and i feel almost as though i’ve stood up for myself even though i went through a proxy. 

here’s me today:


for lunch i had :lentils and rice, seaweed, and walnuts odd combination i know 

in my third class we took a test and then did a practice ap exam which i got 90% of the questions correct on. and lastly in my fourth class we wrote an essay.

when i got home i made some chickpea cookie dough and had that as i did some homework with my dogs.

i had an award ceremony for my school and i wore this:


my mirror is gross

i got a plaque for being an AP Scholar with Distinction.

now i’m getting ready to go to bed.

ps. the fucker is on the ceiling of my bathroom right above my toilet currently so i’m scared to pee.

pps. the color this post is written in is “grayish blue”


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