AP exam prep

this year i’ve been preparing for my AP exams in a different way than i have in the past. since i’ve missed almost the entire school year i’m basically self taught, therefore my test prep is intense.

i have 5 steps to a 5 books for all of the subjects i’m testing in (biology, english literature, US government, and macroeconomics) and i’ve taken dedicated notes to all available powerpoints from my teachers, my textbooks, novels i’ve read, and my 5 steps to a 5 books.

for my 5 steps to a 5 notes ive used a technique that i got from youtube in which you use note cards and washi tape to make small portable notebooks for a specific topic, subject, or concept. i’ll be using these for last minute cram sessions before the exams.

government cram booklet
english lit cram booklet

note: these images only show a few pages of my booklets.

for my general notes i’ve used dot grid notebooks to take notes on my textbooks and powerpoints.

a few pages of my plant notes for ap biology
notes for macroeconomics

so, my plan for this week and the next is that i’ll:

  • finish my cram booklets
  • read through my whole notebooks each day
  • read through the cram booklets an hour before each test
  • write 1 last essay for each class using a prompt i haven’t used before 2 days before each test

i’m not super stressed about the ap exams but i am concerned about my finals and my grades. once i’m done with my ap exams i’ll hopefully rehab my grades and study for my finals.

the washi tape i used is MT washi tape, my colored pens are pilot 0.38 juice pens, my black pens are muji 0.38 pens, and my dot grid notebooks are from miliko and all of these items are available on amazon.


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