a girl can dream

happy sunday


for the past year or two i’ve wanted to buy a furla candy bag.


i dont have $250 to buy one so i’ve decided i’m going to dedicate some time to saving money to buy one.


i’m really dedicated to changing my overall image before  start college because i think i’ve been dressing a lot more casually and masculinely than i prefer as of lately. it’s really tough to find cute feminine clothes online nowadays because of that awful unicorn-mermaid trend where everything has to be iradescent, holographic, neon, saturated, and ugly. i wish japanese himekaji style clothing was more popular in the US because it feels like everything girly is either tacky unicorn garbage or overly sleek blush, camel, and black mature clothes. I JUST WANT SUBTLE FLORALS AND CREAM!


another thing i want to complain to you about is how i can’t wear cable knit sweaters year round. i don’t want to dress completely different for each season, i don’t have that type of money nor do i think t-shirts are in any way cute with the exception of the 2 t-shirts i ever wear.

whatever i’m just bitter.

by the way, since we’re talking about clothes… i like the balenciaga platform crocs and i kind of want a pair.


See the source image

i think they’re cute and they make me think “baby spice walking to the mailbox”

too bad they’re $850.

p.s it’s mothers day so here’s the obligatory photo of me and my mom hugging


just gonna say that i love my mom with all of my heart and i hope to always heve her in my life. don’t wanna say too much else on this post because it’s rambling but i’ll write about my mom later.


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