not excited about tomorrow

tomorrow i have a lot to do but i’ve already been exhausted by the past 2 days. 

yesterday i took my AP biology exam and it went worse than expected. the multiple choice was easy as always but when i did the free response section i counted the number of questions wrong and thought that i only had to answer 6 questions so i timed myself to write 6 answers but in actuality there were 8 questions to answer so i had to answer the last 2 in only 4 minutes. i fully answered the 7th question but i was only able to write 1 sentence of the 8th questions answer. i hope my multiple choice score was high enough to counteract that gigantic blunder.

ever since my failing yesterday i’ve been feeling really upset and annoyed by everything because it feels like i make so many mistakes. 



tomorrow i have 3 major things to do. i have to:

  • meet with my economics teacher to try to get my grades in his glass high enough for me to have a complete transcript
  • take my AP macroeconomics exam
  • perform in my spring choir concert

all of this ( alongside normal daily activity) i have to do while feeling awfully upset at myself and exhausted by the world.

i’ll update you once tomorrows main events are over.

p.s did you notice the center alignment? 

do you like it?

here’s a picture i took during a break in theatre the other day



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