May 16th, 2018

so… i just got home from the last required activity of my day and i’m going to tell you about my extremely unanticipated day.

i woke up today at about 6:00 (AM for those who don’t use military time.

Once i woke up i immediately started to study for my AP macroeconomics exam that was this afternoon. i sat in my daily stretches as i read through my macroeconomics cram booklet. i had sourdough toast and blueberries for breakfast. once i got dressed (in leggings, a square neck bodysuit, and a baby blue sweater) and put in my earrings for the day, i went back to studying for another few minutes before leaving.

i arrived to my economics teachers room at about 8:00 (AM still) and turned in 2 assignments.  i then asked him the questions i have for my makeup assignments and finished another paper that i turned in to him until 9:00. at 9:00 i went to choir so i could rehearse with my choir for our upcoming concert. i was a little disappointed that there are still people in my choir who don’t know the words to our songs (“THE CONCERT IS TONIGHT!!” i scream internally). after choir i went to eat my lunch in the student council room (i had penne with marinara and a cranberry kind bar) and left the room at about 11:30 so i could go wait to be let into my exam. we were let into the exam room at about 11:45 and started to get instructions read to us.

my exam wasn’t quite as hard as i expected it to be. i finished the multiple choice section with 30 minutes to spare so i went over my answers and found that i totally misread one of the questions so i spent a good amount of time fixing that question and rereading the other questions so i could be sure i didn’t do the same thing to any other questions. Then the free response question was pretty easy as well. i finished with an extra 10 minutes but i probably could’ve finished with 20 minutes to spare if i didn’t focus on drawing perfectly straight lines on my graphs and writing with my best handwriting.

once i got home i started writing this post (wrote up to about here), redid my hair (ponytail => down), watched a couple financial diet youtube videos, bullet journaled a little, and put on the outfit we have to wear for the choir concert.

once i was at the venue for the concert, my choir rehearsed for about an hour and a half and then we performed. i feel bad for my choir directors, sometimes it’s like they have to herd cats with the amount of poorly behaved kids in the choir.

now i’m home and i have the most disgustingly awful headache and my blood sugar is way too low. i’m eating dinner while i type this.

hopefully that’s all i have to do today.

i’ll edit this if anything else of note happens.


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