i can’t wait to get done with school

I just want school to be over.

i don’t just want high school to be over, i want college over too. i personally would rather work menial labor than go to school.

for now all i have to look forward to is the end of high school so i’m just gonna say something that’s been on my mind for a while.


i am not going to cry at graduation because i’m gonna be happy to never see most of these people again.

if you’re a person who goes to my school, chances are i not only don’t like you but i actively dislike you. there are far too many people that i deal with on a daily basis who get off on being belittling to anyone who doesn’t make achieving their sole focus, there are too many people who don’t understand nonconformity, and there are too many nasty little white boys who have a damn good time calling people n*ggers.

so lets dissect these groups.

downtalking overachievers:

these people are those who sadly have not been blessed with any talents that they can capitalize on so they’ve dedicated themselves to being “smart”. now, i have no ill will toward the untalented, but i don’t have any cell in my body that supports belittling people like me who don’t base their self worth on turning in papers and memorizing formulas. the thing is that most of these people are not actually smart or even intelligent, they just know how to game the grading system so they can have a high GPA. i know this because i’ve received a good amount of recognition for my academic endeavors, but somehow none of these people have the memory to recall that i generally have received higher standardized test scores, more merit for my achievements, and have a more well rounded high school transcript than them. somehow, these people think they have the authority or experience to talk over me and others who don’t pride themselves on acting like they know “the real facts”. i’m not one to call people out so i’m not going to name names but i will give examples of pseudointellectuals being absolute troglodytes:

  • a kid for some reason talked over me to explain to me that 2 + 2 = 4. do you think i’m 26 months old?
  • some chick asked for sources of racism existing, as though scholarly sources (of which there are many) are more important than lived experiences when it comes to interpersonal relations
  • when i took music theory, whenever i would answer a question, the know-nothings in my class would giggle to themselves as though i would be blatantly wrong. i was correct every time i remember this happening. i’m sorry that someone using the word “like” makes you think they’re unintelligent because you’ve not yet interacted with more than 2000 people in your entire 18 year lifetime.
  • many people argued with me when i stated that the teachers at my school don’t do enough AP test prep in class. i’ve spoken with these people since they’ve received their scores and none of them received higher than a 2 in any of the classes which they defended the teachers of. i’ve never gotten below a 3 on an AP exam
  • many people are surprised when they hear me speak because they expect that anyone with a semblance of fashion sense won’t even understand the topic sentences of their textbooks, let alone the text itself.


ugly conformists

far too many people not only in school but in the world as a whole haven’t figured out that those who don’t buy the same clothes everyone else has still have intrinsic value as people. i hate o break it to the vineyard vines crowd, but people are multifaceted and can have a multitude of interests! i can (i know this is shocking) have a worthwhile personality and wear pastel colors. you have nothing to gain from staring at the kid wearing band merch, you won’t be more liked for misgendering a trans kid, and you have no award waiting for you if you belittle me for wearing hoop earrings.


racist dudebros

i have a surprise for you!


black people are not a monolith!

i know it may be hard when your only exposure to black people is a story on fox news about black on black crime, but black people can act in as many different ways as white people. and you know what else this means? if one black person gives you permission to say the n-word around them, that does not give you carte blanche to shout “n*gger” from the rooftops and not expect to be yelled at or even beaten up. don’t cry oppression when people get upset at you for using racial slurs. here’s another fun fact for you: many black teenage boys don’t understand the complexities of racism so they’re likely to think there’s nothing wrong with racial slurs because they haven’t figured the world out yet. so, just because you have one uneducated black friend doesn’t mean you can call me a n*gger, dumbass! honestly this section is focused on one person and i can’t wait to never see him again in my life so if you’re reading this (which i know you’re not because you don’t have the attention span to read an over 700 word post) screw you and don’t call me a n*gger ever again or you’ll catch a case for harassment.

while i’m here i’m gonna say something that’s been on my mind recently and this is a philosophy i’m going to start living my life by once i’m out of the cesspool that is my school.

if someone i consider to be my friend won’t stand up for me, we aren’t going to be friends anymore. period.


now, here’s another confession.

i don’t want to go to graduation. i know it’s just going to be another event that i show up to because i’m required to and then immediately leave because there’s nothing else for me there. plus the cap and gown are just diabolical. i’m pretty upset that seemingly iconic photos will be taken of me and i’ll be forced to wear a shapeless cobalt blue sack and a cobalt blue square on my head that will inevitably destroy my hairstyle.

here’s a picture of me at my choir concert from a few days ago.

edited in meitu

while i’m here i might as well reference something new you may have noticed…

i have a custom domain now! my mom got it for me as an early graduation present. so if you want to refer anyone to my website (which i encourage you to do) now you can by just telling them it’s dearmikah.com



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