painful urethra

that’s a good band name


but anyways, this morning i woke up feeling like someone was shoving a swiss army knife up my urethra. i’m currently sitting in my bed with a heating pad on my bladder in an attempt to make it easier to pee.

i’ve had this feeling before and the last time i did i had to go to the emergency room because it was physically impossible for me to piss.

i haven’t felt good for 4 days now but this is definitely the worst symptom i’ve had. on thursday i was vomiting, on friday i was nauseous with a headache, saturday i had an awful headache, and now today my whole urinary tract is screwed.

i took some knockoff azo so i’m hoping i’ll be able to release some fanta orange urine soon.

that’s all i needed to say.

here’s a picture of me from like a week ago



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