graduation’s coming up

pretty excited to be done with this hellhole.

i’m graduating on saturday and i’ll finally be able to unclench my muscles. i’ve been having quite a bit of drama because of a hard time getting work from teachers but now it’s confirmed i’m graduating so now i get to have a few weeks of enjoying myself and then i get to be catapulted into a different torture chamber.

since i’m leaving high school so soon i’ve decided to tell my audience about something about me.


i don’t want to go to college.

i’ve never wanted to and despite being told that it’ll be a great time and other lies, i still don’t have any semblance of desire to go to college.

i’m not happy that i’ll be getting forced into thousands of dollars of debt to have a bad time but whatever i guess that’s what i deserve for overachieving in elementary school. should’ve thought it through before putting in the bare minimum of effort in 5th grade and accepting the offer to be in the gifted and talented program because now everyone in my life thinks i have any interest at all in academic endeavors.

of all the things that mortify me about college, the one that gets to me the most is the fact that i’m gonna be forced to be around even more pseudointellectual assholes. which is why i’ve made a resolution for my time in college: i won’t talk to anyone unless i have to. i wont try to make friends, i won’t try to help anyone, i won’t answer questions, i will be silent unless it is absolutely necessary to talk to the people i’ll be forced to be around.

i’m gonna go to class, do my work, do whatever meager job i get in college, and work on my blog and THAT’S IT.

don’t try to convince me i’ll like college because everything i’ve been told i’ll like for the past 17 years has been absolute garbage with the exception of watching little shop of horrors when i was 10. i’ve spoken it into existence so now if you are going to be a classmate of mine in college, please take heed and don’t try to talk to me because i don’t want to talk to you.


here’s a terrible webcam picture of me and peanut:



6 thoughts on “graduation’s coming up

  1. Mikah: I understand you don’t want to go to college, hell I didn’t want to go to college but I did because that is what my parents wanted me to do. Obviously I am not as intelligent as you are, I am just an average person…so I went to college…plundered through my Freshman year, then sophomore year…I got distracted and ended up not graduating. The worst thing I did in my life was not graduate. I sure showed my parents a thing or two…which I will forever regret. I will say the best thing thing that came out of my college days were the lifetime friends I made. I was shy as hell when I went there, knew no one …well, there were a few from high school but I didn’t like them…so I actually made friends. All different kinds of people from all over the world. If I had never gone, I would have missed out on knowing the important people in my life…one of them is you.
    Just putting my two cents in. I hope you will think really hard about everything.

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  2. Higher learning is a privilege. Get out and get a job. Learn what it is to take care of yourself. You do not deserve the gifts you have been given. You are qualified to work a fast food place. Perhaps a cashier at the grocery store or a retail job at Target. You are not qualified to work at a commission only high end boutique.
    I hope you are not allowed to stay home and make everyone around you miserable. You do not appreciate the efforts of others in your behalf.

    I think you wrote this post to get a reaction. You have mine. I honestly hope you find your joy. Higher learning provides you with choices. You are obviously way to smart to be TORTURED into taking advantage of them. I sure hope you live near a buss line. I hear they are looking for door watchers at Wall Mart. Of course you could go to NYC and Broadway. Good luck with that.

    Not everyone is meant for College. That is fine. Freeloading should not be an option.

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    • i’m going to college. i’m just not excited to deal with the people who will make my life even more of a living hell while i’m there.

      i wrote this post to vent my feelings because that’s the point of my blog and i don’t appreciate being met with hostility on a post that tells what i think. i don’t need to be told i’m undeserving of anything because i tell myself i’m undeserving of even life every moment of every day. i will eventually be out of college and your interpretation of my deeply personal thoughts won’t matter though so i won’t let this comment affect me.

      i truly do love and care about you, ms. martha and it’s very upsetting to be told about my lack of worth by someone i love.

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  3. Dear Mikah

    I follow your blog and I’m interested in your writing because I do love you. I love your mother like a daughter. This makes you an unofficial grandchild whether you like it or not . I recognized and admired your mother’s Journey since the day I met her. I am aware of the hoops SHE has had to jump through in order to have You graduate. You will not know how important getting the high school ticket punched is until you want something very badly that requires High School graduation. I encourage you to understand that this is not just your accomplishment. Getting you to this point completely alone is her Milestone as well. What I wrote is true…however it was written showing my frustration. I don’t spell or type well enough to be able to do that correctly. I apologize for being way too blunt. I could have been kind and gentle. I knew what you wrote would hurt her. I am your Mom’s Champion. You don’t know it yet….I AM YOUR CHAMPION TOO.

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