post 2 (week of vapidity)

wanna know how to win any argument (or at least confuse anyone who argues with you)?

if the enemy says “you’re wrong” or “you’re incorrect” just reply


that’s a power move.


now that that idea’s off my chest i wanna tell you the correct way to cook a veggie burger.

  1. if the burger is frozen, defrost it
  2. prepare a tortilla (warm up or cook in a skillet)
  3. cut the burger into cubes
  4. toss the burger cubes in the skillet and brown them
  5. insert burger cubes into tortilla
  6. apply condiments
  7. consume


this is the vegan gospel.

anyone who disagrees with my burger technique has never had a veggie burger this way because if you’ve had one the conventional (bun) way you’d know that it’s completely intolerable and inefficient to eat a veggie burger with a bun and eating a veggie burger in a tortilla is an awakening experience.

p.s i’m on new antibiotics now since my other ones didn’t help


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