post 4 (week of vapidity)

good news for me: butter flavored crisco is vegan.

i don’t really know where this post is going but i’m going to write for a while, ok?

ooh you know what i’ll write about? my favorite podcasts!

i’ve been listening to more podcasts because i feel like i’ve seen everything and i’m not motivated to invest myself in storylines or peoples lives. is that a bad thing to say? it’s not that i don’t care about people but i don’t want to invest in anyones life, you know?

so my favorite podcasts recently have been:

  • the jenna and julien podcast
  • judge john hodgeman (no longer produced but i still like listening)
  • don’t mess with christine sydelko
  • the thick
  • ear biscuits
  • learn chinese
  • duolingo spanish podcast

yeah, that’s my list

so recently i was alarmed to find out that the “welcome to night vale” podcast is still being made. no ill will to welcome to nightvale but…. i thought we left that in 2013. it’s still really popular, number 130 on the itunes most popular podcast list. i wonder who’s still listening to it because i haven’t heard anyone talk about it since literally 2013.

do you remember when people would cosplay nightvale characters? that was a weird phase. there was a lot of intersect between nightvale and homestuck so i had to interact with a lot of nightvale fans because they were also interested in a thing i liked and they were (again not trying to be mean) mildly insufferable. but to be honest homestuck fans are also pretty insufferable… and i’m a homestuck fan.

now, i have a complaint.

whenever i spell the word i’ve as “i’ve” on wordpress there is a red squiggle of incorrectness under the word but when i spell it as “iv’e” there is no correction.

so of course i thought maybe i’ve been spelling i’ve wrong for my whole life so i googled it and all of the results say it’s spelled as I’VE.

so like…………. is there a glitch in the matrix or something because i don’t know what’s going on.

i also feel a need to discuss another thing i’mm confused by and that is water intoxication.

there isn’t much concrete information on the amount of water required to drink in a specific period of time that would cause water intoxication. this is concerning because i’m the time of person tat when i am presented with water i drink it very quickly and i’m terrified of being offered 2 liters of water and accidentally chugging it because i have no self control when it comes to liquid and subsequently getting water intoxication!

that seems like the type of thing that would happen to me. really unfortunate.

this post is a mess i’m sorry you read it


here’s a picture of peanut to make up for itimg_7505


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