marshmallows trip to the vet

mel had a terrible day today 😦

upon first seeing me he was bemused to find that i was trimming his nails (because i don’t want the vet to think i’m negligent).

i let him out of his hutch so he could have a decent time before being thrust into the awfulness for him that is the vet.

marshmallows hutch

he hung out in the kitchen until it was time for me to stuff him in his travel crate.

once inside i quickly put him in the back of the car. and we started a 15 minute drive to the vet that probably felt like 15 hours for mel.

mel on the way

when we arrived to the vet, mel made a new nemesis in the form of the resident vet cat (why does every veterinarian’s office have a loose cat?) who seemed to receive a lot of joy from laying on top of marshmallows carrier.

vet cat

we were taken to the exam room and marshmallow seemed to begin to grasp the weight of the situation. he thrashed like crazy when the vet tech took him from his carrier and weighed him (it turns out he’s only 12 pounds). when she returned from weighing him she was absolutely covered in his fur. marshmallow gave sitting on the exam table a hard pass so he was allowed to walk around on the floor of the exam room.\

mel on the floor
cleaning his face

when the vet came in and began his exam there was quite a bit of kicking thrashing and shaking. marshmallow had:

  • wax removed from his ears
  • his nails trimmed again
  • some more shed hair removed
  • a tooth exam
  • an eye exam

the vet thinks that mel might actually not be blind in his right eye and he’s just got inflammation. he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and was given an ointment for his eyes.

just to brag i wanna tell you that the vet told me that marshmallow has beautiful teeth and i’m doing a great job taking care of him.

mel seemed almost enthused to get in the carrier because i think he was sick of getting touched.

mel on the way home

now we’re at home and mel seems to be fine.

**photos edited in camera360


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