post 2 (week of vapidity)

wanna know how to win any argument (or at least confuse anyone who argues with you)?

if the enemy says “you’re wrong” or “you’re incorrect” just reply


that’s a power move.


now that that idea’s off my chest i wanna tell you the correct way to cook a veggie burger.

  1. if the burger is frozen, defrost it
  2. prepare a tortilla (warm up or cook in a skillet)
  3. cut the burger into cubes
  4. toss the burger cubes in the skillet and brown them
  5. insert burger cubes into tortilla
  6. apply condiments
  7. consume


this is the vegan gospel.

anyone who disagrees with my burger technique has never had a veggie burger this way because if you’ve had one the conventional (bun) way you’d know that it’s completely intolerable and inefficient to eat a veggie burger with a bun and eating a veggie burger in a tortilla is an awakening experience.

p.s i’m on new antibiotics now since my other ones didn’t help


post 1 (week of vapidity)

today i basically did 2 things.

i took my economics final (passed) and went to my graduation rehearsal.

i don’t really get the point of the rehearsal other than to tell us where to sit  because they just read what was on the email sent out to us out loud.

i was sat next to a person who reeked of weed and i got a headache from the smell so right now my computer is on the lowest light setting.

today i realized that if i push down my knee high socks, they look like a thinner version of my thick slouchy socks so i guess i’ve got summer outfit ideas because an outfit without scrunchy socks is not an outfit.

i’ve got some two week old photos that i haven’t done anything with that somebody needs to see so here they are:



discouraged: intro to the week of vapidity

i don’t feel comfortable writing personal posts right now because of the backlash i’ve received for my last post. i think with my current mental state (sad, slightly suicidal, terrified of the future) i shouldn’t post anything to encourage the people in my life to respond negatively.

so i’m declaring this upcoming week the week of vapidity.

i won’t be posting any personal thoughts, opinions, or feelings on this platform so as to prevent negative comments, arguments, and preaching in response to my posts.

look forward to:

  • OOTDs
  • talking about animals
  • selfies
  • discussion of boy bands
  • no actual emotional substance

if you want anything of substance maybe avoid my blog for a while.

if you are actually interested in my life, too bad. i guess you’ll have to wait until everyone can realize that self aggrandizement is not encouraged on my blog.

while i’m here i’m going to thank my mom again for buying me my domain. thanks mom, i love you.

have a nice day.

graduation’s coming up

pretty excited to be done with this hellhole.

i’m graduating on saturday and i’ll finally be able to unclench my muscles. i’ve been having quite a bit of drama because of a hard time getting work from teachers but now it’s confirmed i’m graduating so now i get to have a few weeks of enjoying myself and then i get to be catapulted into a different torture chamber.

since i’m leaving high school so soon i’ve decided to tell my audience about something about me.


i don’t want to go to college.

i’ve never wanted to and despite being told that it’ll be a great time and other lies, i still don’t have any semblance of desire to go to college.

i’m not happy that i’ll be getting forced into thousands of dollars of debt to have a bad time but whatever i guess that’s what i deserve for overachieving in elementary school. should’ve thought it through before putting in the bare minimum of effort in 5th grade and accepting the offer to be in the gifted and talented program because now everyone in my life thinks i have any interest at all in academic endeavors.

of all the things that mortify me about college, the one that gets to me the most is the fact that i’m gonna be forced to be around even more pseudointellectual assholes. which is why i’ve made a resolution for my time in college: i won’t talk to anyone unless i have to. i wont try to make friends, i won’t try to help anyone, i won’t answer questions, i will be silent unless it is absolutely necessary to talk to the people i’ll be forced to be around.

i’m gonna go to class, do my work, do whatever meager job i get in college, and work on my blog and THAT’S IT.

don’t try to convince me i’ll like college because everything i’ve been told i’ll like for the past 17 years has been absolute garbage with the exception of watching little shop of horrors when i was 10. i’ve spoken it into existence so now if you are going to be a classmate of mine in college, please take heed and don’t try to talk to me because i don’t want to talk to you.


here’s a terrible webcam picture of me and peanut:


peeing blood


i just got back from carenow and guess what?

they found blood and bacteria in my urine test so i’ve got a UTI.

i’m gonna go get my prescriptions (macrobid and pyridium) so hopefully i’ll feel human soon

i don’t have much to blog about lately so sorry for the urine-centric posts as of late.

painful urethra

that’s a good band name


but anyways, this morning i woke up feeling like someone was shoving a swiss army knife up my urethra. i’m currently sitting in my bed with a heating pad on my bladder in an attempt to make it easier to pee.

i’ve had this feeling before and the last time i did i had to go to the emergency room because it was physically impossible for me to piss.

i haven’t felt good for 4 days now but this is definitely the worst symptom i’ve had. on thursday i was vomiting, on friday i was nauseous with a headache, saturday i had an awful headache, and now today my whole urinary tract is screwed.

i took some knockoff azo so i’m hoping i’ll be able to release some fanta orange urine soon.

that’s all i needed to say.

here’s a picture of me from like a week ago