a new youtube channel to hate

so every once in a while i like to go through “anti SJW” youtube videos because i think it’s really funny that people can be that stupid. because of this habit i get recommended a lot of videos by other idiots and today i was recommended one of my least favorites so far.

the channel is called catloading and basically she makes fun of fat people and body positivity. now, i wouldn’t be that upset if i hadn’t read the comments on her videos.

in the comments people commend her for being great thinspo.

i can’t seem to understand why she makes these videos in the first place but even more than that i can’t understand why people could possibly be inspired even if it’s ED based inspiration.

if she were to read my post (she probably won’t) i would really encourage her to have more nuance in her video making because as a person who very recently went through treatment for a restrictive eating disorder, these videos can be the spark that ignites someone’s flame of self hate and restriction.

so i’ve watched about 10 of her videos and i need to discuss another type of video she makes. “body positive dancing compilation[s]”. each video starts with a disclaimer that the videos aren’t intended to bully, but if you watch them with the mindset of someone featured, i personally would have a damn breakdown if i was featured in one of these. she jump cuts together footage of the evil fat people dancing (some of the people aren’t even fat they’re like barely overweight) and every time there’s any sort of jiggle on their bodies she does an abrupt close up. i can’t understand what goes on in her head that makes her think these videos aren’t clearly inflammatory and making fun of people who are just having a good time.

again, i just want to reiterate that she should reconsider her video style because it’s lacking in nuance, unresearched, and could easily encourage caloric restriction.

i have a special part of myself that can’t stand people who criticize fat people because they’re “unhealthy”. you can clearly tell that she doesn’t actually care about anybodies well being because if she did she wouldn’t make such mean spirited videos.

god this post is unorganized.

so to end this post i’m going to quote an excerpt from a comment on her video “addressing fat shaming” by Greenie Queenie

“you’re mean spirited and demeaning, if you really cared about obesity you would be offer[ing] solutions, guid[ing] them to recovery programs and [giving] supoort to obese people through their recover process. instead you blatantly shame them.

blatantly shaming someone isn’t going to stop obesity, that’s why you’re whack as fuck.

so if you’re gonna keep making these compilations and expect[ing] people to take your thoughts seriously on obesity by any means you have lost the credibility”

i would’ve personally worded the comment differently as i’m not one to call someone “whack as fuck” but… if the shoe fits.

but really to end this post i just wanna say that i truly feel bad for catloading because it really feels like when you hear her describing her life experiences, she seems to have gone through something very unpleasant to make her so vitriolic.

and just one last message to her: maybe start doing retakes because you stumble over your words to a point where it’s hard to believe she’s telling the truth about anything



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