ugh another fever

so because i’m a great blogger, i’ve been taking a picture of my thermometer every time i measure my temperature (also to text to my mom) so you know i’m not lying when i complain about how i feel.

so at about 1:30 i had this temperature:


i fell back asleep after taking it because i’m irresponsible so once i woke up again at 3:20 my temperature was this:


so i took some tylenol and it went down for a pretty long time but then at about 10:30 this was my temperature:


so… i don’t know what else to talk about right now other than how awful i feel.

i’m both shivering cold and burning hot, my skin is itchy, i’m nauseous, i just generally feel terrible. and to make things worse, i feel lazy for not wanting to do anything because of my fever. i know it’s important to rest when you feel awful but i feel bad about it. 😦

i’m gonna take a nap while the tylenol i just took kicks in, so bye.


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