austin trip day 1

so, our family friend Karma took my mother and i on a trip to austin for her birthday!

so we began our road trip at 9:30 and arrived at about 14:00. on the way we made a few stops but the most notable one was a visit to bucees. if you haven’t heard of bucees it’s like a mix of a convenience store, a pier 1, a gas station, and a toy store. we spent about an hour there. i got a new shirt and some socks there and i’m very happy with them. (thanks Karma)

some standard central texas nothingness
outside austin (can you see the capitol building)
proof we went to bucees
a close up of my very very cute duffel bag stuffed to the brim with about 9 outfits for a 3 day trip

so when we arrived we dropped our things off at the air bnb (this is my first time staying at an airbnb) and then went to HEB to get groceries. i almost both had a panic attack and passed out from low blood sugar so to say it nicely i had a tough time in HEB. but who cares because i found a bottle of whataburger ketchup there and it was on sale.

after HEB we sat around in the airbnb for a while doing not much until we went to get a tarot card reading for my mom and karma.

my room
the cool ikea lamp in my room
living room (very texan)
upstairs sitting area
the little table upstairs
my ootd (mostly from amazon)

we then went to an italian food truck where i got some pesto pasta that turned out to be too spicy for my weak self. i could only eat about 30% of it before going on a mad dash for water.

fiery death pesto

sorry i didn’t post for two days i felt awful on monday and yesterday the photos wouldn’t upload

obligatory photo of me in my bucees shirt masking

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