austin trip day 2

hello again from austin. it’s very sunny here.

my room has wonderful lighting so i took a picture of myself the second i woke up because i’m self centered.


so yesterday i woke up at about 7 and i did the unthinkable. i showered. i knew we’d not be getting out until a long time from when i woke up so i just took the liberty of showering.

post-shower (and my abridged getting ready process) i kind of just waited to leave until we did at like 11.

this is what i wore and some gratuitous camwhore photos:


not my best eyeliner application


so the first thing we did for the day was a visit to the austin aquarium. it wasn’t the worlds most impressive aquarium but you can feed the animals so i was very pleased. here’s pictures:

blue macaw
a hawaiian eel
a very friendly ray i fed (rays are my favorite sea creature)


there was an adorable ray mural that i needed to photograph
more cute paint ray
my new friend who’s a tortoise
another macaw, this time red

we went to cornucopia popcorn on the way to our next visit and i got vegan caramel corn. i’m very excited because i haven’t had flavored popcorn in like 2 years.

next we walked down south congress and visited a few shops and ate at guero’s and got coffee (i got italian soda) at jo’s coffee. guero’s was pretty cool because they actually had more than one vegan option so i had to make a real decision on what to eat for once. i got 2 shirts at a boutique called maya that was having a sale. we also stopped in the impeccable pig (among other stores) and i fell in love with a dress and i really regret not buying it.


the guero’s menu
pictures of the staff in various years (and the fire extinguisher)
some decor at the bar
my other new friend who is a finch

then we went back to the airbnb because karma wanted to nap before we went on a boat ride to see the bat colony. i’ll be making a separate post about the bats later.


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