bat cruise

the bat cruise was sick.

when we got back to the airbnb for karmas nap i took that time to change into my dedicated bat outfit. we actually weren’t there for long because we had to leave in 45 minutes so i changed clothes and then ran around frantically like i tend to do before i leave to do anything.

there’s a cool blue bathroom in the airbnb that i had to camwhore in

when we got to the hotel where we were told to park we got starbucks and then waited in a line for the cruise for about 30 minutes. we were first in line for the cruise so we were able to choose any seat we wanted on any boat we wanted. we sat in the center of a small boat (with no bathroom).


we sat next to some australian people who were hilarious the whole time.

in the river cruise we got to see some graffiti and landmarks along the edge of the lady bird lake.

the congress bridge

once we finally went under the congress bridge the bats were all talking to eachother.

you can hear them in this video if you listen closely.

once we circled around to face the bridge, the bats started to fly out.


hopefully in these videos you’ll get a decent view of some bats.

so that was the bat cruise

it was really great and i highly recommend it to anyone visiting austin. this cruise was through capital cruises so if you want the same experience call them.


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