having a terrifying experience at six flags

yesterday i went to six flags and i kinda thought i was gonna die for a few minutes.

it wasn’t because of any ride or the terror of looking at the gigantic turkey legs, but because i had the worst blood sugar drop i’ve ever had.

so, we arrived at six flags at 2pm and immediately went to the gotham city area. we rode the joker and batman then started to make our way back to the front to get pink thing (grapefruit) flavored dippin dots. i’m not one to inconvenience others so i made the mistake of not eating or drinking anything for a few hours when we got there, so in the line for dippin dots my vision went black and i swear i couldn’t feel my heart beat for a few seconds. so i sat down while the people i was with ordered and i kind of just internally screamed for a few minutes.

but don’t worry too much i was fine later.

so i’m going to look at this as a learning experience. here’s what i learned:

  • heat exacerbates my low blood sugar
  • sometimes symptoms arise rapidly so it’s best to just eat methodically to prevent this
  • if your vision goes black (for any reason) take it easy for a while
  • i should start bringing a lenny and larrys cookie with me everywhere again
  • pink thing dippin dots are heavenly


that’s my great experience.

here’s some pictures from six flags


we spent like 10 minutes taking pictures at this giant chair
a place to have an otherworldly experience
this bull called to me. it looks like a chianina (my favorite breed of cattle)

ps. if you go to six flags and get an order of french fries they can easily be shared by 2 people. the serving is like the size of a small pizza.



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