things i see on my walks

so yesterday a guy chased me in his car.

i went out for my 7AM walk and while walking on the street perpendicular to mine, a dude in a silver dodge car pulled up going in the same direction as me and yelled something i couldn’t hear out of his window (i was wearing headphones). i turned around and started walking in the other direction and this man has the audacity to do a u-turn and start driving after me, so i ran until i turned the corner to my street and he didn’t turn onto it so i just ran home. i feel a little pissed off that there are people who do these sorts of things to people who are just trying to walk whether they be walking to get somewhere or walking as exercise. i really think we need to teach our children that they shouldn’t intimidate others and especially shouldn’t follow them in our cars. 

so i’m a little upset about this situation but honestly it’s just made me wanna walk more and if someone pulls that on me again i’m just going to pepper spray them.

so in honor of my pissed offedness i’m going to post some photos of things i saw on todays walk.

cute flowers in my favorite colors: pink & yellow
a sprinkler that was watering the street instead of the flora
a cat that reminded me of sylvester from looney tunes

as a side note to end this post, it’s fathers day. i just wanna say happy fathers day to my dad.

ok, thanks for reading.


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