acne scars

check out this zit i have


yes. it is under my nostril.

it is causing me palpable pain and i really wanna pop it.

the problem is that whenever i’ve popped zits in the past i end up with gigantic dark acne scars. i really don’t need a scar right under my nose right now.

i’ve wanted to post about my acne scars for a while because i’m kinda proud of my progress in getting rid of them over the past roughly 4 months.

you’re gonna get to see some totally unedited photos of my forehead now just so you can see the change in my scars.

early june
literally taken at 15:00 today with the unflattering iphone flash WHILE I HAVE A TAN

my skin always looks terrible when i get tanner (one more good reason to avoid the sun) so me being tanned and having not so awful scars is impressive

my scars are by no means gone but i have made some leeway on getting rid of them.

so i might as well give you my tips since you’re reading, right?

  1. wash your face daily (no brainer but some people don’t do it and wonder why their skin is bad)
  2. exfoliate 2-3 times per week
  3. use “brightening” face masks after exfoliating at least once per week
  4. use a witch hazel toner after cleansing daily
  5. use a tone correcting moisturizer (i won’t reveal which one i use because it turns out it isn’t cruelty free  (*≧m≦*) )
  6. drink a metric fuckton of water (i drink 4 liters daily)
  7. take probiotics (i don’t know if this is actually causing a change in my skin but i started taking probiotics at the same time as beginning my skin journey)
  8. be vegan? i don’t know thats basically my diet summed up i kinda just eat whatever’s vegan


they’re pretty basic tips.

it makes me happy to see some progress with my acne scars because honestly i hate wearing foundation. it’s just so annoying to remove. i wanna be one of those girls that goes viral online for having “glass skin” and every day i’m getting closer. watch your back.





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