XXXtentacion died and why i don’t think you have to respect the dead

rapper xxxtentacion was fatally shot in his home town of miami today. i felt like since twitter’s getting pretty spicy about this topic that i should probably discuss this while it’s relevant. 

facts about me you should know to give this post context:

  • i’ve never heard an xxxtentacion song
  • i tend to believe the accuser when it comes to domestic abuse allegations until further notice
  • xxxtentacion and i are only 2 years apart in age (he was born in 1998 i was born in 2000)
  • i’ve been thinking about death a lot lately
  • i hold a lot of distaste for “hard” “real n*gga” culture

so in other words i don’t feel much of  anything about xxxtentacion (who i will refer to as xxx for the remainder of this post) passing.

this may be too early to some but i think right now would be a good time to have a real discussion about something that has confused me for a long while and that is the belief that no matter what they did in life, one must respect the dead. 

i won’t be revealing anything about what i believe as far as xxx’s abuse and rape allegations because honestly i don’t want to receive death threats from his over zealous fans. but you know what is a fact? xxx bragged about beating a gay man to an inch of his life. you know what else is true? xxx partook in the “hard” culture where dudes for some reason feel it’s cool to beat each other up, run about with guns, and make violent threats. these two facts (and his abuse allegations) are inextricably linked to how one would perceive xxx and how one would react to his passing.

now is when this post becomes less pointed and more broad.

whenever a notable person dies and anyone has any criticism of the person, an army of people will go on a tirade of shouting from the rooftops that we have to respect the dead.

i think that is not only insensitive but also logically flawed and i will now break down the logic behind my beliefs.


you are being insensitive

this is more of an issue when people tell others to respect people who are known to have harmed others. i know it’s insensitive to celebrate someone dying, but fun fact: it’s also insensitive to blindly support someone who is harmful just because they have died. in xxx’s case specifically, i can understand that for some his music was helpful and that’s fine. what we’re not gonna do is pretend that the dude did no wrong in his 20 years of life. he, as mentioned before, was violent and homophobic. i’m sorry but a good amount of people won’t be very inclined to put respect on the name of someone like that.


your logic is flawed

in order for it to not be hypocritical to state that we must respect the dead, you must respect all who have died. that includes ted bundy, king leopold, and even (i know his name is overused) hitler. now this hypocrisy issue isn’t that big of a deal because many people will openly admit to having hypocritical beliefs so may i offer another logical fallacy?

you are likely forming a strawman argument. for those who didn’t have the joy of taking a class that taught them about logical fallacies, to put it in laymans terms: a strawman argument is when you put words in someones mouth. i have been scrolling through twitter looking at all the xxx gossip and you know what’s interesting? i’ve seen maybe two people jokingly say they’re celebrating xxx’s death but i have seen (i’ve counted) 26 tweets all from different users about how nobody should celebrate this. i don’t want to be the bearer of bad news for those who like to be contrarian but damn near nobody is celebrating. we know gun violence is wrong, we know to be respectful to his family, we know to mind our business.

you don’t have to pen a whiny tweet about it.

so yeah…that’s all my thoughts on this situation.

hopefully i’m ahead of the curve on all the think pieces that will inevitably be written about all of this and maybe this post will get a lot of views. 




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