untitled post 1

i didn’t wanna title this post because it’s kind of meaningless.

i’m just gonna ramble for a while and i hope you enjoy reading it.


today i ordered a white photography backdrop on amazon. i wanna start getting into self photography like Alissa Ashley. she takes wonderful self portraits and i wanna do it too so i’m starting my journey with a plain backdrop. i considered getting a pink backdrop but i thought that may get to be a little tacky if it’s my only backdrop.

i also ordered another chinese character practice book because the one i’m using now is almost full.

*i used a gift card i got for graduation from some family friends (thanks Julia & Brian) to order stuff so don’t think i have money cause i don’t.

i’m thinking about becoming more of a photographer because i really like taking (and editing) pictures and honestly i need a new hobby.


here’s a terrible picture of my bullet journal setup for this week that i meant to post on saturday but didn’t.


i used my stabilo point 88 pens in my bullet journal for the first time for the letters in this week.

maybe i’ll start posting my bullet journal weekly spread each week. would that be cool?

zit update: the pimple under my nostril exploded while i was washing my face last night and now i have a giant scab in its place. i’m a little upset because now i’m definitely gonna get a scar but i’m still in pain.  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


i’ve been loving kaomoji recently. that’s the little faces made of characters that i sometimes have in my posts by the way. i wish other people in the u.s used them because they’re so much cuter than emojis. emojis (specifically the yellow face ones) are god awful ugly. i’m ok with the flowers and animals and my personal favorite: the hole emoji, but people really overuse the yellow faces and they aren’t cute.

what a vapid thing to worry about. there are people dying.

let’s talk about something more serious. did you know that the AIDS rate among heterosexuals is rapidly increasing? that’s terrifying. nowadays it feels like HIV and AIDS are dying out in the US but it’s totally not. that’s just another reason for me to be celibate at this point. have y’all noticed how many straight people treat getting tested for stds as an admission of having one? that’s wild and it’s probably why std rates are going up.

it sucks that people treat AIDS like it’s something only gay people and people in third world countries get because that’s totally inaccurate. honestly it feels like a lot of the rhetoric surrounding AIDS is motivated by homophobia. that’s probably not a very fresh take but it’s probably true.

umm… happy pride!

i really like the pride flag with the brown and black stripes added, i think it’s cuter.


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