100th post

this is my 100th post on my blog!

i think since this is a milestone i should discuss important topics.

topic 1:

there are “tent cities” or as i like to call them “internment camps” across the southern U.S full of separated parents and children who had the audacity to cross the border *sarcasm*

this morning i cried because of this.

for almost my whole life i’ve felt supreme discomfort about u.s immigration policy. it is important in discussions about immigration policy that we don’t specifically villianize republican politicians while not criticizing democrats. i believe we should villianize everyone who hasn’t expressed any sort of radical praxis on the topic, but maybe that’s just me. please remember that obama didn’t do all too much to make it easier to immigrate and clinton spearheaded an act that allowed people to be deported for misdemeanors rather than the former policy of deportation for felonies with a >5 year sentence.

this is kind of all over the place because honestly this is a very emotional topic for me and it’s a big motivating factor for why i don’t plan on living in the U.S for my whole life and why i am proud to have quite a few “radical leftist” beliefs.

topic 2:

on a lighter note, on sunday i saw the incredibles 2 and it was amazing.

fun fact about me: the first movie i ever remember watching was the incredibles.

i was surprised by how few children there where in the theatre but i guess i get it because so many people (like myself) waited 13 years for it.

i don’t wanna review the movie but i do wanna say a few things so i’ll put my thoughts in a bulleted list.

  • elastigirl is so hot oh my god
  • i had to pee during the movie so i missed some of the jack jack and raccoon scene 😦
  • i tried mustard for the first time during this movie because my movie theatre offers soft pretzels and i felt spontaneous. mustard’s ok.
  • the short before, Bao, was so adorable and it’s gonna be the topic of the next few bullet points
  • i cried like an idiot for the whole short
  • i enjoyed getting to practice with some chinese characters when looking at the produce boxes
  • it’s probably one of my favorite pixar shorts (after piper and lava)
  • i hope disney releases bao tsum tsums like they did for 4 of the other shorts at d23 last year because you know i would be first in line to buy those


topic 3:

if you know me you know i have to reference beyonce and jay z’s new album

i just need to say that i love beyonce so much and meeting her is on my bucket list

that’s all

topic 4:

let’s get introspective

thank you all for reading my blog it’s really been helpful  for me to feel like i’m speaking truthfully to others because honestly i don’t tend to talk to others about my thoughts much because i hate being confrontational and generally people seem to be hostile toward my opinions *cough cough*.

i just… really wish i felt comfortable to talk about the thing that’s been weighing on my mind the most: college. but to be truthful i don’t think many people in my life are willing to listen to me. that’s that on that and i won’t discuss it further.


so now that i’ve been acceptably angsty i’ll just say thanks for reading.

talk to you later

here’s a picture of me for the road

yes i wear sweaters in the summer

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